Frantic Master


«Scene: Hero and Ai No Miko stand in Shinrin Grove»

Ai no Miko: Thank you, <Hero>, for agreeing to help me.
Ai no Miko: As a priestess of love, I have always focused my energies on healing, not fighting.
Ai no Miko: But protection is a part of love, too.
Ai no Miko: If I am going to protect my people, I will need to become a stronger fighter.

Hero: And the best place for me to teach you how to fight is in this forest?

Ai no Miko: Ha ha, no.
Ai no Miko: Well, maybe!
Ai no Miko: But there are tales of an enchanted cuirass hidden deep within Shinrin Grove - the Shinrin Do.
Ai no Miko: The Shinrin Do once belonged to a might battle priestess.
Ai no Miko: With its power added to her own, she was able to defeat a terrible dragon that threatened her village.
Ai no Miko: That's what we're here for.
Ai no Miko: If I can find it, I can take down Jaaku and his many-headed serpent for good.

«Scene: Kame comes out from behind a tree»

Kame: The Shinrin Do?
Whatcha want something like that for?

Ai no Miko: …I want to defeat Jaaku, the Shogun of Shadows, and keep Yokai safe from his tyranny.
Ai no Miko: I just SAID that.

Kame: Why you wanna do that?
You're just gonna get yourself killed.
Better skip it.
Go back home.

Ai no Miko: Such a rude little creature!
Ai no Miko: The Shinrin Do will empower me, and my allies will fight by my side.
Ai no Miko: If we strike while he's weak, we WILL defeat him!

Kame: Strike while he's weak?
That doesn't sound very sporting!
You gonna kill him and take his place?
Is that what you're trying to do?

Ai no Miko: What? No!

Kame: Whew!
That's a relief!
Kame: But what if that WAS what you were doing?
You'd never admit it.
Kame: Can't let that armor fall into the wrong hands!
Better not risk it.
Such a shame. You DO seem like nice people.

Hero: We are! You can trust us.

Kame: Hmm. Maybe so. Maybe so.
Kame: Better fight you anyway just to be sure.

«Scene fades»

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