Fragile Trust


«Scene: The Hero helping Warlic outside of Crownsreach after defeating him»

Hero: I need to get you out of here. Let's-

«The ground shakes»

«Scene change to in the sky above Crownsreach»

Dage: And here you are, Malgor. Broken, with no Champions in sight.
Dage: Strange how the Avatars are helpless against you.
Dage: You can intrude on their domains uninhibited, and take their powers for yourself.
Dage: Those feats are unheard of. Just like you. No one, not a single soul knew who you were until after the Queen's Death.
Dage: All of this power, but you're weak to the Avatar's mortal Champions and, ha, hope?

Dage: Are you serious? Is Hope actually your weakness or are we confusing it for incompetence?
Dage: Perhaps, that is your true nature.

Malgor: !!!

«Dage raises his Caladbolg above Malgor, as to stab him»

Dage: What a shame. Now we'll never know the truth.

Malgor: Is that so? You'll finally turn your blade on me-

Malgor: Dage?

Dage: …<Hero>?

«Explosion of light»

«Scene Fades»


Malgor: So what if I'm weak to hope? Why would that matter when there's no hope for you?
Malgor: Stories tend to end the same way they began.
Malgor: I see this as a favor to your allies and followers. A traitor will always betray again.
Malgor: Goodbye, you paltry leech. The power of The Beast was almost enough.
Malgor: But in the end, that power isn't yours.

«Scene fades»

«Scene: White Screen»

You were born a mortal, and you will die as a mortal.

«Scene fades»

«Scene: The Hero guarding Dage against Malgor's attack»

Hero: Back off! Heh, looks like the Mana Core chewed you up and spat you out!

Malgor: Just who I was hoping to see!

«Malgor's left hand flashes red»

Hero: Is this what you did to Fiamme?

Hero: Urg!! No!

Malgor: Tsk, Warlic's spell didn't hold.
Malgor: Evil, good, even Chaos is on your side today, <Hero>.
Malgor: But what happens when the greater threat is gone? they'll look for the next one.
Malgor: Who knows? It might be you.

«Drakath slashes Malgor with his Chaos Blade, assumedly, Malgor flies out of reach off-screen»

«Close up on Drakath»

Drakath: *cough* <Hero>, he has the Heart. I'm not going to wait for you to catch up.

«Drakath flies after Malgor»

Hero: No way am I going to let you get him first!


«Close up on Hero»


«Dage grabs the Hero by the shoulder»

Hero: Huh? What's going on? Dage? Dage, snap out of it!

Victoria: <Hero>!!

«Scene Change to The Hero and Warlic standing together center stage, while Brentan and Victoria are to their left, with Dage and Gravelyn to their right in the clouds above Crownsreach.»

Dage: The Good Queen has been busy. A spectral arrow? I applaud the craftsmanship.
Dage: Had this arrow struck a member of my Legion, their connection to me would be broken.

Gravelyn: …You were plotting behind our backs? How long did it take to develop this weapon?

Victoria: First and foremost, I am the protector of Greenguard. It is my responsibility to defend its people against all threats.

Brentan: It's foolish to underestimate a monster from the Underworld, and the Champion of Light.
Brentan: The moment Malgor was defeated, you could launch an attack on Swordhaven to finish what Sepulchure started.

Hero: …With the greater threat gone…either we start fighting each other or-

Dage: <Hero>, about what happened just now…I need a word with you. In private.

Brentan: Enough secrets. Ours is already out, and this matter concerns all of us.

Brentan: I heard him. Dage grabbed <Hero>, called them Malgor, and meant to hurt them.

Gravelyn: Dage, what is the meaning of this?

Dage: …Malgor spoke and he sounded exactly like <Hero>.

Victoria: How do we know it wasn't a party trick that copied the sound of <Hero>'s voice?

Dage: That was no mimicry spell. It felt like <Hero> was speaking with me.

Brentan: Considering who the thirteenth Chaos Lord was, this wouldn't be the first time…

Hero: I don't have anything to do with Malgor! You saw both of us in the same place!

Dage: Malgor is known to do the impossible from out of nowhere. This, too, came from nowhere.

Victoria: <Hero>, who were you before you first set foot in Swordhaven?

Hero: I…I can't…

Gravelyn: Enough! There isn't enough proof. For all we know, Malgor is playing mind games.
Gravelyn: But, it's worth keeping close watch on <Hero>. And if there is any connection…
Gravelyn: <Hero>, if you have betrayed our trust, we will not turn a bind eye.


Warlic: F-forgive me…please forgive me. I couldn't do anything. Not in this life, or the last…

Hero: Warlic? Can you speak? Wait, save your strength. We just freed you from Malgor.

Warlic: I need to tell you…Malgor was in my mind, but I could see into his. I saw him.
Warlic: I saw what happened in the Mana Core.

«Scene fades»

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