Found Him!


«Scene: Inside the Infernal Spire, after defeating Garvodeus»

Hero: Now, let's try this again:
Hero: Where are you keeping Aranx??

Garvodeus: We were warned you were coming! We will never tell you anything! We-

«Scene: A bright light shines above Garvodeus, and it fades out. Aranx appears shortly after»

Hero: OMG Aranx! You're ok!

Aranx: Of course! Surely you didn't think I'd let these buffoons get the better of me!
Aranx: I've been investigating the Spire - there is more going on here than we thought.

Hero: I found a bunch of Celestials… it looked like their power had been drained somehow.

Aranx: Yes. I believe they are trying to use our Celestial energy to power some kind of weapon!

Hero: Huh? But… why would they do that?

Aranx: I do not know.
Aranx: Perhaps it is because you people have no defense against Celestial power.

Hero: True… it's not like we've ever needed to defend against it.

Aranx: Through this door is the factory where these Infernals are constructing their weaponry.
Aranx: I need you to shut it down, and stop this from happening.

Hero: You're not coming with me, are you?

Aranx: No. I am going to try to find the leader of this invasion.
Aranx: Do not worry, we will see each other again soon!

«Scene fades»

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