Found Cysero


  • Second cutscene button - Asylum

«Hero in the Pandinun Insane Asylum»

Hero: Cysero, good to see you. Someone sent us all these fake invites and…

«Scroll left to Cysero, shadowed»


Hero: Cysero? Is… is everything OK?


«Hero nears Cysero»

Hero: You're starting to freak me out, man. Say something.


«Hero shakes Cysero»




Hero: What are YOU doing?

Cysero: You scared me the capers outta me!
Cysero: Why would you DO that?

Hero: Why weren't you answering me?!

Cysero: I didn't know you were talking to me. I was talking a nap.

Hero: You were taking a… but you were standing up!

Cysero: OF COURSE I was standing up. Would YOU lay down in here? It's FILTHY!
Cysero: Not to mention more than a little creepy…

Hero: OK. Fair point.
Hero: Let's get back to Kimberly and find a way out of this place.

Cysero: Why don't you just /join somewhere else?

Hero: Stop that. It ruins the story. Let's go.

«Cysero nods. Hero runs right and Cysero follows him»

Hero: What is this place?

Cysero: You've never heard of the Pandinus Asylum?
Cysero: Years ago, it was supposed to be a hospital for the um… mentally unfirm.
Cysero: Rumors got out that it was that it was the front for some kind of cult.
Cysero: The chief of medicine at the time, Dr. De'Sawed, was performing experiments on his patients.
Cysero: They say he was trying to use the insane to unlock the power of the mind. Using them to make nightmares into reality.

Hero: From the monsters in here, it looks like he had some success.

Cysero: Yuh, no kidding.
Cysero: King Alteon heard what was happening and has this place shut down…
Cysero: …but his guards never caught De'Sawed.

Hero: Do you think he's the one who invited us here?

Cysero: All I know is that I was promised a new type of lunch meat slash sofa and I'm not leaving without one.

«Cysero runs past Hero»


«Hero and Cysero arrive at Kimberly's members finding them in strap jackets»

Hero: Junior, what happened?

Junior: These… things… in dark robes. They showed up and took Kimberly!

Cysero: And they gave you these awesome jackets?

Hero: Anyway… Which way did they go?

Junior: They went down into that drain!

Cysero: I heard that the cult built catacombs under here.
Cysero: They must have taken her down there.

Hero: OK, I'll go find her. Cysero, stay here with these guys.

Cysero: *pshhhhyeah* So I can stay safe like Kimberly did?
Cysero: No thanks. I'm coming with you.
Cysero: Besides, I really want one of those cool jackets. Maybe they have more.

«Hero facepalms»

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