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The following image-hosting sites are banned, as they have broken images on this wiki in the past and they are not to be trusted:

  • Imageshack
  • Photobucket
  • Tinypic

If you have any questions, please feel free to PM me about it.

Banned Image-Hosting Sites by rickyb20rickyb20, 19 Aug 2017 01:29

Please follow the steps below in order to fix broken Photobucket images:
1. Copy the image URL by right-clicking the image and clicking "copy image address/location" (or it will say something similar), or you can copy it from the wiki page's editing window instead if you're unable to right-click
2. Reupload the image to PostImage using this link
3. After the image uploads, click on the image on the left-hand side and then repeat step 1 to get the image URL
4. Reupload the image to Imgur

If uploading on the PostImage link doesn't work (it was disabled once before), please feel free to replace the broken Photobucket image with a brand new pic instead.

If you have any questions or need any assistance, please feel free to either PM me or another staff member.

When creating a wiki page, we usually name the page based on whatever we see in-game (with some exceptions for cutscenes and locations). When we add the index tag to the wiki page (i.e. the "_a" and "_t" tags that you mentioned), we base it off the first letter of the wiki page's name because we want our index pages to sort wiki pages accurately based on how things are named in-game. Additionally, if we were to ignore articles and put index tags based on the first letter of the first word after the article, we would just have a bunch of pages spread out randomly throughout the neatly-alphabetized index pages starting with the words "A" and "The", which would make the index pages look disorganized.

Simply put, this is why we don't ignore articles to begin with.

(I had a terrible time typing this out and I had to keep rewording it because I wasn't sure how to explain it, so hopefully this makes sense.)

I'm just wondering, why do pages starting with "A" fall under the "_a" tag and pages starting with "The" fall under the "_t" tag? Usually articles are ignored when putting things in alphabetical order, or you'll just end up with lots of pages all clumped together at "the."

Hi there Kiori Mazuna, apologies for the late reply. It's been fixed now, thanks.

Elite Dual Asgardian Hammers (Mace) should be changed to Elite Asgardian Hammer as it has been corrected in-game.

Re: Battle Pets
HarrisonHarrison 17 Jun 2017 06:42
in discussion Encyclopedia: Items / Pets » Battle Pets

It's a bug. If you can, please report that to the bug tracker.

Re: Battle Pets by HarrisonHarrison, 17 Jun 2017 06:42
Re: Battle Pets
G I T AG I T A 12 Jun 2017 14:22
in discussion Encyclopedia: Items / Pets » Battle Pets

When I use "Legendary Broodfiend Battle Pet" and I try to combine it with "Summon Minion" skill in a few seconds. This pet, changed to "Ceremonial Void Knight Sword". And then back to normal.
Which is my question, is it an animation of the pet? Or is this a bug?

Re: Battle Pets by G I T AG I T A, 12 Jun 2017 14:22

It's one page click, when you load a location either way you're most likely loading 8+ images compared to 1 image per monster page. Players can just go to the Chronicle of Releases, click the monster names there, and check the drops and see if they drop anything.

This could work with collapsibles, but I've barely seen anyone discuss about how difficult it is to find drops in a release.

Re: Drops in the map by HarrisonHarrison, 28 May 2017 08:20

i think wiki should list what are the items drop in the said map, why? coz its easier to check the drops rather than checking the wiki page of the monsters manually. also it will also save bandwidth, lets say:
"the monsters from aqw3d drop:
-nightlocke war staff
-nightlocke war sword
-nightlocke war staff"

with an exception on items on the shop merge shop coz it has a wiki pages for the (merge)shops.

Drops in the map by RyleRyle, 25 May 2017 02:56

So, someone made a cutscene called Journey to the Center of Lore. However, the actual name of the cutscene is Unstable and there already is a page on it. I suggest the first page should be deleted.

Also, it seems like the Cutscenes sorted by location page hasn't been updated in a while, and I'd like to fix that. Would the Throne of Darkness cutscene go back location or would the whole saga be under "Throne of Darkness?"

Wow, this hasn't been posted in in a long time! Anyway, I stumbled upon the script for the cutscene A Letter From Z. It's literally four pictures. Is this acceptable (I didn't make it)?

Hello everyone! I am a new member of the wiki site. I will try my best when there would be new releases in game, and I'm an active member. Thank you very much. ^^

Please make sure to confirm things with a mod before doing so, just to prevent any mishaps with reversions and the like.

Re: Glossary Discussion by HarrisonHarrison, 10 May 2017 06:15

I will be updating all the interactive text on the areas across Lore. I will also be dealing with some translations too!

Re: Glossary Discussion by detergent4detergent4, 09 May 2017 16:44

The Plague Gem Cape: aqwwikiwikidotcom/plague-gem-cape is missing a "See Also:" section.

I thought that it looked very familiar and I found my source; Gravitating Chaos Crystal: aqwwikiwikidotcom/gravitating-chaos-crystal

P.S. I really don't like not being able to post links here when they are helpful for research. So you'll have to put in the . where needed.

Thanks! They've been added.

Re: New Information by AkrilothAkriloth, 01 May 2017 17:21

Okay… so the final room, before you complete the final quest, in /charredpath has changed. But I don't have an account that hasn't completed the event, though, so I can't take an image of it.

The Collector's Artifical Environment Skill no longer buffs enemy damage. Source:


as part of rebranding
I'm going rename my self on most platforms including here much other places
the reason explained:
TL;DR summary this because of past mistakes i did in 2011-2014 much like my Terex77 username
So all in all its been great severing you as Icetex you can still call me Ice if you want to
but this change for the better

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