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Okay… so the final room, before you complete the final quest, in /charredpath has changed. But I don't have an account that hasn't completed the event, though, so I can't take an image of it.

The Collector's Artifical Environment Skill no longer buffs enemy damage. Source:


as part of rebranding
I'm going rename my self on most platforms including here much other places
the reason explained:
TL;DR summary this because of past mistakes i did in 2011-2014 much like my Terex77 username
So all in all its been great severing you as Icetex you can still call me Ice if you want to
but this change for the better

Oh people look at this forum, more then you think….

Btw, your welcome to join the wiki and learn ~The ways of the Wiki~ so you become one of the "who didn't join the wiki 10 minutes ago". Just a thought….

Re: Locations Corrections by ShalmaneserShalmaneser, 09 Apr 2017 00:34

Ignore this, I think I did something wrong. Also, no one looks at this forum, do they?

Greetings i am NIGHTMARE DREAM 12 and i am honored to join the AQW Wiki team. i will be active at least 7 times a week and if there is new content releases count on me to be there! i will surely not disappoint anybody. i am new so if anyone can help me i would appreciate that:)

Altho it seems im not editing the wiki that much I'm still inspectioning the sections I was given to watch out. However, between March 30th and April 3rd, I may be not able to log in the wiki.

With these new test classes, it would be great if the wiki had a ''test'' or ''tester'' tag for them.

Re: Wiki Suggestions Thread VII by MemineMemine, 01 Mar 2017 23:39

Welcome Xerxez!! Before you get started, check over the Rules of the wiki and viewing the AQW Wiki Editing Guide. If you would like or need more assistance, please PM (Private Message) one of the Wiki Team members.

hello everyone of the aqw wiki site, my name is xerxez, and i am happy to annonce i am a new member of the wiki, i just joined so i am still unsure of how it works and would love to get a rundown of it .. i am soo excited to work with you guys and i cant wait to get started… and cant wait to make friends, i am great to get along with, love making new friends, love to help people out when i can, and there is nothing i wont do to stive and get better and to improve. thank you for letting me be a member of the site and cant wait to get started, i live in canada so right now its 2 am so im going to bed. tomorrow id love to get started and have some assisstance and how to do things on here, if anyone would be kind enough to assisst me..

DISCLAIMER: These questions are not final and they are subject to change.

Hello everyone. The purpose of thread is to serve as a quick Q&A in regards to info being "redacted" on the wiki.

Q: There is a page on the wiki that says "Redacted", "Redacted at the request of AQW Staff", or something similar where information should be. Why does it say that?
A: This is done for a couple reasons:

  • It's requested to be hidden by the developers (this is the main reason majority of the time)
  • Players complain so we hide the info.

Q: When is information hidden from the wiki?
A: It can usually happen at any time, but it mostly happens during release weekends since there are item hunts that require players to find clues, which is why players complain and devs request that we hide information.

Q: How long does information usually stay hidden for?
A: Information is hidden for 72 hours after its release.

Q: I'm an editor on the wiki. Can I add the word "Redacted" to pages or replace the word "Redacted" with information that was meant to be hidden?
A: Only myself and the other wiki mods/Lorekeepers are allowed to alter this information so that there isn't any confusion. Please do not do it yourself unless we specifically ask you to. The only exception to this is if 72 hours have passed after the information has been hidden, then you can add the info back in.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to PM rickyb20rickyb20, post in this thread, or ask us on Twitter if you don't have a Wikidot account.

Welcome Douluo and Tachibana Yuuko and any new people showing interest in the wiki. Before you guys get started, I would suggest reading over the Rules of the wiki and viewing the AQW Wiki Editing Guide. If you would like or need more assistance, please PM (Private Message) one of the Wiki Team Members.

hello everyone my name is tachibana yuuko and i am new here

hi guys my name's douluo and i just joined. hoping to have fun with helping out the wiki.

Hi coole_dave & rickyb20,

I can see that Rb20 updated the mystic-parchment page.

Should it be mentioned here, too? On the undead-infantry-monster page?

It is, under the "At Underworld" tab. ~Rb20

Shane Smith
Web Developer and Wikidot Community Administrator
Links: Wikimated, Editor (STE), Official Docs
WIKIMATED v2 Available Soon!

Re: Misc. Item Corrections by leigerleiger, 29 Dec 2016 13:47

I saw that the Undead Infantry monster of Underworld drops Mystic Parchments too.

Can someone add it?

I don't know yet how to change it correctly.

and I added <Stacks up to 50.> in zealous ink

Done. ~Rb20

Re: Misc. Item Corrections by coole_davecoole_dave, 28 Dec 2016 16:20
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