«Scene: Shadowfall throne room, with Cleric Casca'de holding a scroll and facing Tibias and Gravelyn»

Cleric Casca'de: Empress, a letter has arrived.
Cleric Casca'de: It appears to be from the troll woman Oishii, the self proclaimed… "culinary expert".

«Tibias holds the scroll»

Tibias: Says she wants to "bring Good and Evil together in celebration" at her annual Harvest Feast.

Gravelyn: Very thoughtful of her, but with everything that we're still fighting against…
Gravelyn: …I really don't think I have time for this now.

Tibias: As much as I'd love to skip out on a celebration of FOOD… which I can't even eat…
Tibias: Your absence would be noticed. And our alliance with Swordhaven is always so tenuous.

Gravelyn: You do have a point.
Gravelyn: Alright. We'll go. All of us will.
Gravelyn: I just hope I don't regret this.

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Victoria and Brentan in the Swordhaven throne room»

Victoria: Brentan, come ON. It's the Harvest Feast!

Brentan: I know, but… We need to be rebuilding! There's still so much work to be done. We don't have TIME for a feast.

Victoria: We're the leaders of Swordhaven. We have to be there to give people hope! Besides…
Victoria: It will be fun!

Brentan: *SIGH*. Alright, fine.
Brentan: But Swordhaven better still be standing when we come back.

Victoria: You worry too much.

«Scene fades»

«Scene: the Hero, Oishii, and soldiers from both factions at a Harvest feast»

Oishii: Isn't the harvest feast wonderful?
Oishii: Swordhaven and Shadowfall, all gathered at one table, setting aside their differences and celebrating together.

Hero: You're kidding, right? They've been bickering since the cider came out.

Oishii: Oh, <Hero>. It's fine. What family doesn't get into political arguments at the dinner table?
Oishii: Besides, I'm about to make them forget all about that stuff Just watch:

«Oishii holds out a pie against a flashy pink background»


«Scene: the soldiers of both factions sit at the Harvest feast table»

Ha ha, do skeletons even eat dessert? I guess that pie for us!

What? You goody two shoes already ate most of the turkey! Those desserts are ours!

Ah, what do you care! You're just a bag of bones, anyway.

You shut up! We will eat as much of this sugary mass of pumpkin as we want!

«Scene: the flashy pink background behind Oishii fades to gray»

Oishii: I promise I made enough dessert for everyone.

Can you even taste it?

Typical evil. Hoarding stuff you don't need just so WE can't have it.

Typical paladin! So righteous, you won't share with a skeleton!

What's wrong? Dictator Gravelyn not feeding you enough?

You're just mad that Oishii won't let you slay us!

«Scene: Tibias, Gravelyn, and some Good soldiers at the Harvest feast table»

Tibias: THAT'S ENOUGH! I will not tolerate these insults to Empress Gravelyn!
Tibias: Silence that tongue or I'll make sure you never use it again.

Sir Ated: Ooh, so SCARY. The skeleton with missing pieces of armor is threatening us!

«Split screen: Victoria on the left and Gravelyn on the right»

Victoria: ENOUGH!

Gravelyn: ENOUGH!
Gravelyn: Have you all forgotten that we have an alliance?

Victoria: We are fighting together against existential threats to all of Lore!

Gravelyn: Yet we can't even get through one-

«Gravelyn and then Victoria get mashed potatoes thrown at them»

«Scene: Sir Ated»


«Scene fades»

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