Focus on the Locus Magicalicus


Chapter 3: Focus on the Locus Magicalicus

«Hero, Warlic, Rowan, Conn and Cysero in the bridge. Cysero is playing with a Misery Eel with food hanging from a string»

Warlic: A hard run with many battles, <Hero>?

Conn: *mutters* I'd be more helpful if I had my locus magicalicus… all I can use now are daggers.

Warlic: That's as may be, young Conn. A focus stone IS a necessity, you are correct. But -

Hero: But Pettivox is USING them to leech magic from the stolen mages.
Hero: Cleric Dawn said he's feeding off them, growing fat on their power and strength, making himself the most powerful of all!

Conn: We read something in his Lab. It said… it said that magic taken by force gains an extra, unknown dimension of power. But what do the stones have to do with -

«Zoom in on Cysero playing with Misery Eel with food from a string, until he swings it in 270 degrees and eats the food. The Misery Eel launches itself at Cysero and Cysero catches it midair»

Cysero: You can't wring magic from a dried turnip… unless that turnip's a focus stone and linked to a mage.

Conn:What? … Oh! Yes, exactly! It was the focus stones we saw in Pettivox's lab. They were linked somehow.

Hero: *grimly* Yes. Linked… to a Chaos Gemerald.

Warlic: Which means… Drakath. If HE is involved, this is more than just theft and abuse of magic for ambition.

Rowan: pardon me, ArchMage. But EVERY magic user at the Academicos knows of ley lines and of Drakath.
Rowan: What we do NOT know is, how are they linked? THAT is what <Hero>, Conn, and I must know now.

«Cysero now has the Misery Eel hanging from his neck»

Cysero: I'm full of blood. You probably are, too. It's in my veins, running through my body.
Cysero: Lore's got blood, of a form: its magic. And the ley lines that criss-cross the planet keep the magic flowing.

«Cysero points to sky and a star map is seen with ley lines»

Rowan: Like the Verix and the Horix? The polar lines, running North-South and East-West.

«Warlic nods»

Warlic: You remember correctly, Rowan. And where they intersect - the largest nexus on Lore: its core.
Warlic: Our planet's shell rests on a core of pure magic, and its veins - the ley lines - carry the magic across the land.

«Cysero puts the Misery Eel in a bucket of water»

Cysero: Unagi!
Cysero: Anyways, nexuses. They're pools of magic, reservoirs formed when any two or more ley lines meet.
Cysero: What makes a mage is the ability to tap into those streams of magic and use them.
Cysero: I'm pretty sure ANYone could if they tried, but only mages can do it with any strength or talent.

«Warlic's staff flashes white»

Warlic: And they would, of course, need a focus stone. Conn, your Nevery calls it a locus magicalicus; the term is particular to those studying at the Academicos.
Warlic: These stones - and they can be of any material or value - are reservoirs and conductors.
Warlic: Through them, mages are able to detect and link to the ley lines and nexuses around Lore.
Warlic: And if, as we suspect, Drakath has influenced Pettivox, he will want to do more than steal magic.
Warlic: I fear he will want to inject the stolen magic BACK into the ley lines. After it's been tainted with Chaos.

«Hero slashes with his sword»

Hero: Some weapons and skills are USELESS in this fight! If Drakath poisons Lore's lifeblood with Chaos, we're lost! But… wait! What if -

«Hero takes out Conn's lock-picks in a bag»

Hero: You dropped your lock-picks in the fighting. It's my thought that, if your skills back there were any indication…
Hero: You might have what it takes to get back in and… liberate the stolen stones. I can free the mages after.

Warlic: If the linkage is as strong, as pervasive, as I assume, you will need a great deal of ready magic to break the binding, Conn.

«Conn nods»

Conn: Then we'll just have to find me a new locus magicalicus NOW, won't we! I've been feeling a tugging since we exited the Palace, <Hero>.
Conn: The Twilight's a dangerous place if you're not paying attention.

Hero: You focus on the locus stone. I'll guard your back, and even help you look if you point out where to dig.

«Scene fades»

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