Fly Me To The Sun


«Hero resting on rocks and the Sun flashes»

Hero: … That's odd. I don't remember the sun being able to do tha- OUCH!

«A toaster hits the Hero, and a note comes off, as if it were bread»

Hero: 'Dear <Hero> — your assistance is required. A mysterious force appears to be draining the sun's energy.'
Hero: Well, that explains the sudden shade. …
Hero: 'Cysero and I need to meet with you sooner than possible, please, at his forge.' - Warlic
Hero: Wait. SOONER than possible? How is that going to wo-

«Hero gets teleported to Cysero's forge. Change of scene to it, Cysero and Warlic are on the scene»

Hero: - rk?!

Warlic: Ah, <Hero>, perfect timing! I trust Cysero delivered my message?

Hero: You…could say that. And it was still warm.

«Cysero thumbs up»

Warlic: *ahem*…As you might have noticed, the sun is….acting strangely.
Warlic: Losing strength as we speak. You can already feel things getting a little colder around here.

Cysero: That because you didn't have a warm cup of cocoa for breakfast, like me!
Cysero: Cocoa keeps you warm aaaaall day long!
Cysero: Ancient Lorians believed the Sun was a flaming hardboiled egg put in the sky by Zeuster, the Chickencow God… but we know that's not so… not entirely.

Warlic: *whispering* We've been debating about the origins of the sun for the last half hour…

Cysero: … It is also is connected to all magic in the universe!
Cysero: The Mana in our world doesn't just come from the ley lines and the Paraelemental Plane of Magic…
Cysero: But from the earth, the moon and the sun. Its a big, fat source of heat and energy. 'Specially to pyromancers.

Warlic: And if the Sun goes down, not only we enter an eternal ice age, but all magic goes out of balance.
Warlic: The ley lines will become overdrawn as more Mana is taken from them to make up for the absence of the Sun's energy.
Warlic: The very core of our planet - which you might remembeer is made of Mana - might shatter.

Hero: So, what are we supposed to do? Strap ourselves into a rocket and fly straight ahead for the sun?

Cysero: Hey! That's a brilliant idea!

Warlic: That is a TERRIBLE idea.
Warlic: The Sun is hotter than anything you can imagine.
Warlic: Even the inside of a volcano would like being naked in the Northlands compared to walking over the Sun's fiery surface.

Hero: Is there any way to reach the sun safely, then…or save it from the safety of, you know, DOWN HERE?

Warlic: Well, there is a middle-ground……Cysero, are you thinking what I'm thinking?

Cysero: Yes, but where would we find a dragon that big and with a penchant for applesauce?

Warlic: No, Cysero. A way to reach the sun, without having to actually walk over it!

Cysero: ooooooh, that! Well, that's easier to do than a Dragon and Applesauce.

Hero: What are you two talking about?

Warlic: Using the Ley lines and the paraelemental plane of Magic to send your consciousness - your mind and soul - to the Sun!

«Scene fades»

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