Fishbones?!? (Cutscene)



«Scene: Aurelio Voltaire and the Hero covering their ears while in the hold of the sunken ship»

Hero: Three… two…

«The bomb explodes»

Hero: …one.

Aurelio Voltaire: Wow, the bomb was that strong and it only JUST opened that door!
Aurelio Voltaire: Look! There it is!

«Scene: A glittering treasure chest in the formerly locked room in the cargo hold»

Hero: You were right! There IS treasure down here!

«Scene: Close up of Voltaire»

Aurelio Voltaire: No sign of Hargoyle, though…

«Scene: Voltaire and the Hero look at the opened and empty treasure chest»

Hero: No sign of the treasure, either.

Aurelio Voltaire: That's fantastic!

Hero: It is?

Aurelio Voltaire: Yes! It means Hargoyle must have already grabbed it and left!
Aurelio Voltaire: We'd better get going. I don't want him to worry about me.

«Scene: A bunch of merdraconian pirates appear»

Merdraconian: Not so fast!

Merdraconian: You're not going anywhere!

«Scene: Voltaire and the Hero»

Hero: Come on, we JUST fought a bunch of you guys. You really think a few more is going to stop us?

Merdraconian: FOOLS! It's not US you need to worry about!

Merdraconian: It's the curse!

«Scene: Voltaire and the Hero»

Hero: What curse?

«Scene: The merdraconian pirates»

Merdraconian: The curse of Cecaelia, the Sea Witch!

Merdraconian: Protector of this sunken ship!

Merdraconian: Protector of Merdraconians!

«Scene: Voltaire and the Hero»

Hero: …I'm not really feeling any curse, guys.

«Scene: The merdraconian pirates»

Merdraconian: Don't worry. It will kick in soon.

Merdraconian: Any second now.

«The lead Merdraconian turns to look behind»

Merdraconian: Unless…

Merdraconian: Do they have…

«Scene: Screen pans down to the fishbone skeleton in Volataire's shirt pocket»

Merdraconian: Fishbones?!?
Merdraconian: Fishbones?!?
Merdraconian: Fishbones?!?

«Scene: Voltaire and the Hero»

Aurelio Voltaire: Ha! I told you these things were good luck!

«Scene: Cecaelia with the Merdraconian pirates»

Cecaelia: Half-wits. It's not the fisbones.

Merdraconian: It's not?

Cecaelia: The curse has already been activated.

Merdraconian: Noooo! The curse is GONE!

Merdraconian: GONE!

Cecaelia: Sigh.
Cecaelia: Don't worry. I'll make us a new one! It just takes a bit of time, is all.

Merdraconian: Yes! Protect us!

Cecaelia: I WILL! But for now…

«Scene: Close up of Cecaelia»

Cecaelia: …I'll handle these would-be thieves myself!

«Scene fades»

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