First to Fall/First Flight


Every dravix, dravir, human, and dragon is gathered on the plains outside Dragonhame today.

It is always a grand day when a young dragon prepares for his first solo flight.
The day of An'Desi's First Flight was no different.

As soon as he landed, the celebrations would have begun, and continued for days.

The first rite of passage would be over, and An'Desi would have begun studying fire magic.

The exhilaration and rush of joy a dragonling feels on its first solo flight is something they never forget.
It is a day they will remember for the rest of their lives.

«Scene: Dragonling running»

Run run run faster faster
Gotta push harder harder harder
Go UP UP UP! Gotta FLY!

«Scene: Dragonling flying»

Higher… Higher… HIGHER!
Love it love it love it – Big dragon is ME!!!

<Smoke starts to come out Dragonling>

*cough cough wheeze* …….
Oh oh. I… dizzy. Head spins.

«Scene: Celebration»

Dridek: Look, Momma! Something's WRONG with An'DESI!

Tail spins.
World spins.
*COUGH* throat hurts lungs hurts wings hurts I hurts
Shake it off gotta fly stay high…

«Scene: An'Desi falling»

Do not like this too fast too fast
Falling falling spin too much
Oh no oh no do not feel good

Feel… BAD! SO much hurt
Can't stop gotta stop I hurts can't fly

«Scene: People are worried»

«Scene: Adult dragons fly to the rescue»

Falling too fast where is momma?
Momma? *whimper* I falling need catch!
*whimpercough* … Mooooooooommaaaaaa!

«Scene: Warlic with An'DESI»

Warlic: He lives, barely. I do not recognize this illness.

Ll’Lara: I do, but only from our oldest records, and they are very sparse.
Ll’Lara: Plague has come to Dragonhame…

«Screen fades»

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