Firestorm Strike


Before the ShadowScythe invaded Embersea…
They defeated the Lord of the Fire Dragons.

In a place between the worlds and outside time, the body of Akriloth the Fire Dragon and the spirit of Sepulchure the DoomKnight were merged…

«Akriloth is shown merging with Sepulchure then screen turns white»

The magic of the Dragonbone Necromancers could force Sepulchure's spirit into Akriloth's body…

«Splitscreen: On the left, Sepulchure. On the right, Akriloth»

But no magic on this world could make could force Akriloth's spirit to willingly submit.

«Scene changes to battle between Firestorm and Undead Army & Knights, Sepulchuroth enters battle and blows fire»

Sepulchuroth: My dragons follow your daughter, but *I* cannot be so easily fed!

As war raged in ShadowFlame, a battle just as fierce was fought in the void between Sepulchure's spirit and Akriloth's… .
Sepulchure's spirit is bound to the Drakness; only one bright, human spark is left in him - the love for his daughter, Gravelyn.
Akriloth, Lord of the Fire dragons, is driven to cast out the spirit infesting him… and get revenge on those who put it there.

«Scene changes to Gravelyn, Charolus and Kyron watching Sepulchuroth flying off, when Hero comes in»

Hero: Gravelyn! WAIT!
Hero: I know what you're trying to do. In part, I agree with it, but -

Gravelyn: There can be no "buts," no "maybes."
Gravelyn: The Queen of Monsters is -

Charolus: Better than YOU in every sense of the word.
Charolus: Her children are devoted to her, would DIE for her -

Gravelyn: Mine already HAVE, you fur-faced muppet.

Kyron: I don't care WHICh of you reigns, as long as you do it OUTSIDE my borders!
Kyron: Embersea - the entire Ring of Fires - belongs to her people. And you're slaughtering them to prove your worth as rulers. BAH!

Gravelyn: I have dragons. There are no borders.
Gravelyn: Anywhere I see that bug-eyed web-spinner appear - or her minions - I will be there. And so will my -

«Sepulchureroth blows fire at them and Tyndarius comes in»


Hero: I thought you said that was Sepulchure! Why's he attacking US?!

Gravelyn: My father and Akriloth must be… having a disagreement.
Gravelyn: It can happen, when the host and its nerw spirit clash. My father will set things to right.

Hero: But then why is he -

«Sepulchuroth dives into them and Hero faces him»

«Scene fades»

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