«Scene: Hero and Voltaire inside a pile of Zombie Cicadas»

Hero: *Huff, puff*… man, I am exhausted!

Aurelio Voltaire: I think that's the last of them.

Hero: Finally! I can't wait to sit down and EAT!

Memet: Hey… what are those brain-eating amoebas doing over there?

Hero: Ugh. Hopefully nothing.

Memet: In the forest, you see'em, too?

Aurelio Voltaire: Yes… I think they've realized their side is losing.
Aurelio Voltaire: They're making a last-ditch effort to… to…
Aurelio Voltaire: Oh no.

Hero: What?

Aurelio Voltaire: They must have some kind of psionic powers.
Aurelio Voltaire: All that wind and fire… they're turning it into a… a FIRE TORNADO!

«Scene fades»
«Oishii, Hero, Voltaire and Memet looking up at something»

Hero: WHAT!?!

Aurelio Voltaire: And they've pulled a locust swarm into it!

Oishii: And they're… Oh my burnt breadsticks! THEY'RE MERGING WITH IT?!?!

Hero: Are you kidding me right now??

«Scene fades»
«Close up on Memet inside a pile of Zombie Cicadas»

Memet: Hey, man, that's kinda what this whole year's been like.

«Scene fades»

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