Fire Thief Ghost's Quests

Quest Location: Bludrut Keep 2
Quests Begun From: Fire Thief Ghost
Requirements: Must have completed Earth Thief Ghost's Quests.

The fact that you have survived long enough to reach the second level of the Keep is a good omen for your success. However, before I trust my soul to you, I will need additional proof of your competence. This floor is inhabited by hordes of particulary nasty beasts known as Shadow Creepers, who serve the bidding of their fiery Master. If you can slay fifteen of them and bring me their essences, I will know you are worthy and will grant you access to the creature who cursed me. (Bring back fifteen Fiery Essences to complete this quest.)

Items Required:


  • 110 Gold
  • 110 Exp

Thanks to Nightly.

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