Fire Thief Ghost

Trapped Spirit
What is that sound? Do mortal footsteps once again disturb the quiet of Bludrut Keep? Perhaps my eternal torment will soon be at an end! For you see, I was once an adventurer like yourself, on a quest for the fabled Buldrut Sword…

…Alas, I ran afoul of the horrible Fire Elemental who guards this dungeon, and was cursed to burn for all eternity… or at least until I could find some brave soul to help me lift the curse!

Let me also tell you a secret… There are treasure chests holding maps of each level and a pencil good for marking down where you've been. Lastly, you can find something that shows you where the entrance and exit of each floor are!

- Fire Thief Ghost's Quests

Location: Bludrut Keep 2


Thanks to Anerine and Nightly.

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