Fire Dragons Rising


«Knights in battle with Fire Dragons, then scene changes to a triple screen division, in the middle Gravelyn, in the left , in the right . Then scene changes to Fire Dragons flying, then scene changes to Gravelyn and her Undead in battle with the Firestorm when a Fire Dragon blows fire upon them»

Gravelyn: They are DEAD, firespawn! They cannot be sacred by mere flames.
Gravelyn: Shadowscythe! ATTACK!

«Scene changes to Tyndarius leading his army»

Tyndarius: This is the hour where you prove yourself.
Tyndarius: Our enemies do not know the might of your leader. But they will.
Tyndarius: We are one body, one mind, one heart. And with every death you deal…
Tyndarius: She grows stronger. And so do YOU.

«Scene changes to a Firestorm Soldier in battle with Asher, in the background a Fire Dragon battling knights, then scene changes to Galanoth and Kyron fighting Firestorm»

Kyron: Dragons on the left. Firestorm on the right.
Kyron: But if we come from behind…

Galanoth: Half stay here, with me. They'll serve as the anvil.
Galanoth: You take the second half, and act as the hammer.

Kyron: We crush them… or lose our land. I know which I will choose.

«Scene changes to Fire Dragons flying towards a mountain, the scene changes to Queen of Monsters in her throneroom with a Girl»

Queen of Monsters: Ah, poppet! Look how lovely you are. Pretty child.
Queen of Monsters: Your momma is here, and your dear papa.

Girl: I - I want to see them. P-please?
Girl: I am s-so SCARED, Lady!

Queen of Monsters: I know.

«A shadow creeps up to the girl»

«Scene fades»

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