Fire Avatar's Rage


«Scene: Galanoth, Hero and Elius standing before Tyndarius»

Elius: Lord Tyndarius! Please, stop this!

Tyndarius: So, the Avatars even turned you against me, Elius…

Elius: The Avatars had nothing to do with my decision. I can not stand by any longer while you threaten Lore and our people!
Elius: Return to the Fire Plane, and give up these ideas of reclaiming the Embersea!

Tyndarius: This has gone beyond the Embersea, Elius. This is between the Avatars and me now!
Tyndarius: They continue to try and destroy my life! My ambitions! I will not tolerate this any longer!
Tyndarius: They don't need Lore to survive, so they don't care what happens to it!
Tyndarius: All they do is watch as our planet is destroyed, watching for their own amusement, as people pray for their intervention.
Tyndarius: Yet nothing comes. Because they simply do not care!
Tyndarius: But I do!
Tyndarius: I will be the one to bring down their corrupt rule! I will destroy their "amusement" and then them!
Tyndarius: Once they are gone, I will create a new Lore! One where no one has to suffer as they do now!
Tyndarius: Especially our people, Elius.
Tyndarius: I will forgive you this once… Return to me.

Elius: No.

Tyndarius: What?!

«Close up on Hero, Galanoth and Elius»

Elius: You have gone mad, Lord Tyndarius. And for the sake of our people and yourself…
Elius: I will stop you!

Hero: And we have your back! Right, Galanoth?

Galanoth: Right. This ends here, Tyndarius!

Tyndarius: I will kill you! I will kill you ALL!!!
Tyndarius: I will burn you down until you are nothing but boiled blood and ash!!!
Tyndarius: I won't lose! Not this time!!!

«Tyndarius turns into a bright flame with a demonic face»

Tyndarius: You stand in the presence of a TRUE GOD!!!

«Scene fades»

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