Fire and Mana


«Scene: Fiamme and Varga»

Varga: What troubles you, Lady Fiamme?

Fiamme: It is what you said about Malgor's plan. Does he truly intend on infecting Lore's Mana with his Shadowflame?

Varga: I'm afraid so, why do you ask?

Fiamme: While the Elemental Planes do not have nexuses or leylines themselves, they are still connected to Lore and its Mana.
Fiamme: I fear that Malgor is planning on using that connection to achieve his goal…

Varga: You mean to tell me that Malgor has access to Lore's Mana, as we speak?!

Fiamme: He shouldn't, no. In order to ensure balance between the Elements, there are several failsafes preventing any Avatar from accessing the Mana.
Fiamme: However, I fear that Malgor will find a way through them eventually… He didn't have any trouble stealing my powers from me.

Varga: Then we are on shorter time than we thought… I shall accelerate their training! We can not allow Malgor to gain access to the Mana Core!

«Scene: Malgor and Tyndarius»

Tyndarius: The Mana Core? You can't be serious!

Malgor: Every Elemental Plane has access to the Core if you dig deep enough. And that's precisely what I am doing.

Tyndarius: And when you finally have control of the Core? What of my men?!

Malgor: They are already empowered by my Shadowflame. Nothing will change. For the rest of Lore, however…
Malgor: Every living thing is tied to the Mana Core. Once my Shadowflame has a hold over it, they will all fall in line.
Malgor: Then anything you could ever want will be yours. On one condition.

Tyndarius: Which is?

Malgor: You must maintain peace.

Tyndarius: Why do you care so much for peace? You have caused just as much conflict across Lore as Drakath or the Queen. Why?

Malgor: I have lived countless lives, watched as people like Drakath and the Queen killed innocent civilian after civilian.
Malgor: I remember every single person I was unable to save…
Malgor: Their screams echo in my mind, unceasingly.
Malgor: I just want them to be silent! I want the world to be silent! If they would all just listen to me, there would be no more suffering! There would be no more pain!
Malgor: Then finally, we will know peace.
Malgor: If I have to cause just a mere fraction of that pain for an eternity of peace, then so be it!
Malgor: Varga and <Hero> can paint me as a villain! It doesn't matter!
Malgor: Then finally, we will know peace.
Malgor: Just like you, I know, deep down, that I am not what they make me out to be!
Malgor: I am a hero!!!

«Scene fades»

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