Finally Over



«Scene: Shrade lies on the ground of the shed, despite being fought in the basement. Bobby pokes him with a stick.»

Marybeth: Is… is he dead?

«Mort kicks him»

Mort: Yep, looks like we got him.
Mort: …and if anyone can recognize a dead guy, it's ME!

«Mort laughs»

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Hero, Voltaire, Swaggy, and Mort outside the cabin»

Aurelio Voltaire: Well, it looks like this terrifying-yet-oddly-entertaining horror story is finally over!

Hero: I think you had a lot more fun with this than the rest of us did.

«Scene moves out to show Marybeth and Bobby»

Marybeth: Thank you all for helping us.
Marybeth: (Though your little friends there look like they could use some help, too…)

Mort: Nah, that's just my face!

«Swaggy waves»

Swaggy: We're always like this!

Hero: …anyway, we'd better get going.
Hero: Fighting supernatural slasher-stalkers is exhausting work, and I need sleep!

Aurelio Voltaire: At least THIS time you weren't fighting 2 moglins in a costume!

Mort: Hey!

Hero: Yeah… this time it was the real deal.

«Scene fades»

Hero: I'm glad it's finally over.

«Scene: the shed, but Shrade's body is missing»

The… end?

«Background turns black, leaving only the words behind»

«Scene fades»

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