Final Performance


«Scene: Hero and So»

So: I'm not *cough* done! Don't you dare push me aside!

Hero: What happened to you and your family was horrible.
Hero: But Darkon is going to destroy countless lives like yours if I don't make him listen!
Hero: I hate to hurt your pride but I'll just run around you if I have to.

So: Then I'll grip you by the ankles, and fight you the whole way.

Darkon: That won't be necessary.

«Darkon appears»

So: Darkon! Please, you need to stay behind me!
So: You lost your entire body because of Drago.
So: Without The Fool's powers keeping you intact, your current body's disappearing little by little.

Darkon: That's precisely why I've arrived. To finish this as soon as possible.
Darkon: My family…my real family has always been my shield.
Darkon: That will end today, along with everything else.
Darkon: <Hero>, I won't let you interfere, hurt So, or harm any of the others.

Hero: I guess Aurola's not part of your family anymore.

Darkon: …Stand down. Your role is done.

Hero: Not by a long shot.

Darkon: Fine. It's fitting actually.
Darkon: I will personally put the old world's guardian down.

«Scene fades»

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