Final Fight


«Lapis Willowmist, Flix Spiderwhsip and Ravinos Brightglade run to save Brightoak»



Ravinos: OH NO.. OK, I'LL FIND THEM!

«Revanna is behind them»


«Scene changes to Queen of Monster's throneroom, looking at Revanna through a sphere»

Queen of Monsters: You've done so well, Nevanna.
Queen of Monsters: Together, we have created a land filled with desperation and fear… a land where my children can thrive.

Nevanna: Yes. With the world tree gone, the people of Brightoak will lose all hope, and forever dread the inevitable ruin the future holds.

Queen of Monsters: And when everything is dust, I will rebuild Brightoak in my own image:
Queen of Monsters: A forest of monsters, with you, Nevanna, as its guardian.

«Scene changes to Hero, Ravinos and Spirit Aven»

Hero: Don't worry, Ravinos. We can still do this.
Hero: I'll do whatever it takes to get Nevanna back to her old self again, and stop this destruction.

Ravinos: No.

Hero: …no?

Ravinos: It's too late for that.

Hero: Ravinos… We can still help her.

Ravinos: We have to help Brightoak. It is almost too late. If we waste precious time on Nevanna, it will be.
Ravinos: She was my friend, too. But she's left us no choice. We have to take her down, and get that horn.

«Hero nods and runs to his objective»

Spirit Aven: <Hero>!
Spirit Aven: You still believe Nevanna is innocent, don't you? You know this isn't her fault.

Hero: I know. I'm so sorry, Aven.

Spirit Aven: I will find a way to help her. Please, don't give up on her yet.

Hero: I do have to stop her. But I'll hold off as long as I can.

Spirit Aven: That's all I can ask for.

«Scene fades»

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