Fiendish Magus Fire Gauntlet (AC)



Price: 400 AC

  • First 24 Hours: 360 AC
  • After 24 Hours: 100 AC

Rarity: Seasonal Item Rarity
Base Damage: 27-33
Description: In it's original form, Mana from Lore's core can't be used to cast the strongest spells the Nation have to offer. It has to be transformed within a Fiend Shard, and fused to a body or weapon. (Click on hands)

  • Previously called "Abyssal Nation Cultist Fire Gauntlet".
  • Red is Color Custom to Base Color.
  • Blue is Color Custom to Trim Color.
  • Flames are Color Custom to Eye Color.
  • Also see Fiendish Magus Fire Gauntlet (0 AC).

Thanks to Tris.

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