Fiend Shard's Destruction


«Scene: Hero runs towards Nulgath's Fiend Shard and destroys it»
«Scene fades»
«All Void Knights and Paladin Fiends are lying on the ground unconscious»

Oversoul Spirit: You did it! It was like a large amount of power was erased from existence!

Hero: Those Fiends… They just collapsed!

Oversoul Spirit: Most likely due to them feeding off of the Shard's power. Since it's gone, they will likely be out for a while, recovering their strength.

Hero: What are you going to do now?

Oversoul Spirit: With the forces here weakened, I think I will continue to search the library here in hopes of finding more useful information to use against Nulgath.
Oversoul Spirit: And then there is Adimonde we need to worry about…
Oversoul Spirit: Hopefully this library may have more answers.
Oversoul Spirit: This fortress will most likely have reinforcements soon, once they arrive, I will return through the portal to Oversoul.
Oversoul Spirit: And you?

Hero: Nulgath is most likely not happy with me… Or impressed…
Hero: You never know how he'll react to something like this…
Hero: I'll probably stay away from Tercessuinotlim for a bit.

Oversoul Spirit: Regardless of what you do, thank you for your help today.
Oversoul Spirit: Your efforts have given my world something it hasn't had for a long time: Hope.
Oversoul Spirit: I will be sure that they know who has given them such a gift.
Oversoul Spirit: Thank you, <Hero>. And if you ever find yourself in Oversoul, I would be happy to help you any way I can!

«Scene fades»
«Nulgath and Adimonde in the Fiend Realm»

Adimonde: Looks like that little Hero of yours really setback your plan to overthrow me!
Adimonde: How long did it take you to get that Fiend Shard that powerful? And now all those years are down the drain!

Nulgath: It's a minor setback at best. I have plenty of others across Lore AND Oversoul. Removing a grain of sand doesn't get rid of a desert.

Adimonde: Yes, but remove enough and it does. And that Hero seems set on removing as many grains it can get their hands on.
Adimonde: Perhaps I should have chosen that Hero to be my champion instead.

Nulgath: Silence! Your mocking falls on deaf ears. Your words mean next to nothing to me.
Nulgath: The Hero being able to destroy one of my Fiend Shards is still quite impressive.
Nulgath: It seems that the tasks I've been giving them have emboldened them.
Nulgath: I will just have to make their tasks more difficult from now on.

Adimonde: Interesting, I figured you would be furious that they defied you.

Nulgath: Not at all. I don't punish strength. <Hero> knows this. Perhaps that is why they stuck with that miserable Spirit's plan. To prove to me their strength.
Nulgath: Still… It appears some have forgotten their place under my rule.
Nulgath: Perhaps it's time I return from this Realm and remind them.

Adimonde: As much as I have enjoyed your company all these years, I do miss watching you work.
Adimonde: Take the power that you have absorbed here, and use it for what it was intended…
Adimonde: CONSUME.

«Scene fades»

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