Festive Face-off



«Samba walking back and forth»

Samba: Hmm…why is he taking so long…This is not going to end well without <Hero> here…

Hero: Hey Samba, sorry for the delay! I had to push my way through a bunch of dancers, performers and a huuuuuge float.

Samba: I know! That's the problem!

Hero: Huh? Samba, have you forgotten what time of year this is? There's always a parade!

Samba: I know THAT, silly. But there's normally only ONE!

«Yokai New Year and Carnaval celebrators are seen arguing»

Samba: Carnaval and Yokai New Year always happen at the same time. But this is the first year both parades been scheduled at the same time, on the same street!
Samba: And now, both sides are fighting over who gets to stay. It's a total disaster! How did this happen?

Hero: Have you tried to talk to them? Help them work it out?

Samba: Of course, but they're both too angry to listen to me. But maybe if a hero like you went to them with… stronger arguments?

Hero: How strong?

Samba: How much weight can you lift with those strong, hero-ing arms?

«Hero shrugs then nods»

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