Keeper of the Nest
Please, do not disturb the eggs. Do what you must do to the dragons who live in this cave but do not harm the eggs. Soon they will be innocent hatchlings.

I am Ferzana. I am tasked with the duty of maintianing the coals here in this nest until the egges hatch and tending to the hatchlings once they emerge. I am not trained in combat and I can do nothing to defend the nest, but I beg you… please, do not harm these eggs.

If you chose the good path after completing 'Scramble Em!' quest: legendsmall.png

Thank you for your help, hero. With your help the nest is prepared for the hatching and the hatchlings will have plenty to keep them healthy in their early days. Please, buy whatever you like from the items I have. I will use the gold to start small treasure caches for each of the hatchlings!

- Ferzana's Shop legendsmall.png
- Ferzana's Quests legendsmall.png

Location: Vasalkar's Lair
Note: Also see Slimed Girl.


Thanks to GM_ francis, Peachii, Purple112 and Sunj12.

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