Mercenary Zombie Infernal, Hero Renegade, Undead Community Artist
Yo, hero! Welcome to the Artist Alley, the only place I feel *positively* alive for once. After being a vice commander of a mercenary group during my past life, I came here to sell you my undead passion for artwork, and some hacked copies from the Gibath Stronghold…

I was a vice commander of the Chaos Lotus merc group and trained several Chaos Lords during my past life when I served the Queen of Monsters. I was betrayed, then being forcibly experimented as a zombie Infernal but managed to escape brainwashing… if not for the belt which I've stolen from EbilCorp, I wouldn't have made it this far.

- Artist Showcase: Ferozakh

Location: Artist Alley


Thanks to GuardMice.

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