Feast 4



«Hero beats Grams»

Hero: Grams! Grams! Are you alright?

«Yulgar and Aria come in»

Aria: Grams! Oh Hero, you FOUND her! THANK YOU

Yulgar: From now on, there'll be no charge for overnight stays at MY Inn, Hero!
Yulgar: But… how do we get her home? And what do we do once we're there?

Hero: I've shouldered heavier burdens than one little old lady. Help me pick her up…

«Hero, accompanied by Yulgar and Aria, takes Grams back to Yulgar's Inn where guests are still waiting»

Aria: Grams, what possessed you to leave us?! To run off and become a BANDIT!

Cysero: I can understand wanting to run off into the woods. Dont' need to be Chaorrupted to do that.
Cysero: I would have brough the ButterTarts, though. Never know when fresh baked goods will come in handy.

Hero: Chaos possessed her. Your Grams is going to be… a little different from now on, Aria.

Alina: At least until we fine a cure for Chaorruption. We've got no way to ensure Chao-tharsis yet.

Grams: Ooooh! *gasp* It's - inside me! I can feel the tentacles reaching and grasping

Yulgar: Ma, NO! You're SICK. You can't go anywhere!

Grams: I… wasn't this sick… in the woods1 Wasn't just some… retired *gasp* old Pet Trainer! AAAH!

Aria: I will make those Twins PAY! I'll sic all the animals in Lore on them! They HURT you!

Grams: Oh… Oh my dear. OH! *gasp* Your Grams will be alright. If the King can hold on… So can I! Now that I see you again, I won't ever leave.

Hero: We WILL cure you, Grams. And the King! Everyone who has been Chaorrupted!
Hero: Together we CAN beat the Chaos that is ripping our lives apart!
Hero: I'm thankful that I have such good friends to battle alongside!

Aria: *shyly* I'm thankful, too, Hero. You brought my Grams back.

Samba: And you're ever ready to wield your blade in our defense.

Hero: My friends are the family I choose. And I won't let ANY Chaos-crazed villain hurt MY family.

Yulgar: And *I* won't let any Chaos-crazed villain cause MY family to go hungry during the Harvest fest!
Yulgar: Our celebrations aren't usally THIS… Chaotic. But I bet Oishii will have some leftovers!

Hero: Fighting for a palce at the feast table sounds a LOT more appetizing than another bandit battle. Let's go!

Happy Thanksgiving!

«Scene fades»

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