Feast 3



«Yulgar, Aria and Dragon with invited guests including Cysero, Artix, Hero, Alina, Samba, Beleen and Dage, in front of Yulgar's Inn»

Yulgar: Welcome <Hero>! Friends! we've shared many evenings together in my Inn swapping tales of adventure and dreams of the future.
Yulgar: But I have never invited you to share and evening with my family, Hero! Come, celebrerate the Harvest festival with my mother and daughter.
Yulgar: Together we'll feast and we can show you how grateful we are that you've chosen to defend Lore and battle the Chaorruption preying on us.

Aria: Grams should be inside now, finishing the baking for the feast!
Aria: You haven't really lived until you've tried her BurntApple ButterTarts!

«Guests and hosts enter the house to find it empty»

Aria: D-Daddy…? Where's Grams?

Yulgar: Ma? You here? … HEY MA!

Hero: I don't smell anything cooking.

«Hero stabs turdraken on the table»

Hero: And that's ice cold. Are you… SURE Grams has been baking and cooking all day?

Yulgar: Where could she have gone?!

«Dragon goes to Aria, holding a scroll in his mouth»

Dragon: Grrrrr!

Hero: What does it say?

Retirement's horrid. Can only bake so many BurntApple ButterTarts before going crazy! Nice young girls showed me there's still life out there for me. Giggle a lot, they do. A little annoying. Gone to live in the forest and get up to trouble. Maybe find me some pets to train again. - Grams

«Xing and Xang appear floating above hosts and guests»

Xing: Teehee! She's a fiery old bird!

Xang: MUCH better suited to causing CHAOS than knitting and baking!

Xing: From Pet Trainer to a most Chao-pable Rabble-rouser! Teeheehee!


«Scene fades»

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