Feast 2



«King Alteon and his daughters reunite with Hero and beaten Knights in the castle ground floor»

King Alteon: Hero, we invited you to our Harvest banquet to thank you for everything you've done. It looks as though we are even more in your debt.

Victoria: You did wonderfully, Hero.

Hero: I'm surprised I didn't see you in the midst of the fighting, Princess Ro- *cough* Victoria.

Victoria: *glare* You know a princess would NEVER be allowed to fight monsters or - or -

King Alteon: My daughter is right, she would not be. But then, that is why we have YOU, Hero!
King Alteon: To save us from the threat of Chaos, whenever it turns our world upside-down and inside-out.
King Alteon: Even now, as I battle the Chaorruption inside me, I do not fear. I know that you will save us all!

Hero: Thank you for your hospitality, my Liege, but I must go.

«Hero takes a step but then looks back»

Hero: But… perhaps these guards could receive plates of turdraken in their cells? As you know, it is so hard to fight Chaorruption.

«King Alteon nods»

King Alteon: That is so true. It shall be done. Thank you again, Hero, and Happy Harvest Festival!

«Scene fades»

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