Feast 1



«Hero arrives at the Banquet»

King Alteon: Ah, <Hero>! Be seated, be seated! I think you have not met all of my of my daughters.
King Alteon: Brittany, the eldest.
King Alteon: And Tara, the youngest, whom you've met.
King Alteon: And Victoria, my middle child. You should see her work with a bow.
King Alteon: Not quite the most suitable weapon for a princess, but she argued so hard to learn it.

Hero: It is my pleasure, Your Highness! And an honor to be invited to share your Harvest Feast!

«Xing's head appears floating above the food and speaks to the guards»

Xing: Smell the food… so delicious! You are never invited to feasts! And you're SO hungry, aren't you?
Xing: Look at your King, sitting there so happy and fat! Surrounded by food… not sharing any!
Xing: YOU would like a bite of turdraken or moglinberry sauce! And I know your fellow soldiers would.
Xing: I think it's time you asked the King if you might… share in the meal.

«A Guard goes to the King»

Guard: Sire! I have come to ask - that is, we think it's only fair you -

«The Guard illusionates the King as a Turdraken for a moment»

Guard: *licks lips* - Look… DELICIOUS! Guards! To the FEAST!

«Scene fades»

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