Fear the FrostSpawn


«Hero, Madra and villagers fighting off monsters at Frozen Ruins»

Hero: Madra - RUN!

«Hero attacks monsters»

«Change scene, Queen of Monsters at her throne»

Queen of Monters: These humans are so weak, so frail, so… ready to be taken.
Queen of Monters: And the creatures attacking them. I sense the old power, and new rage.
Queen of Monters: This is the right time, the right place, to reap a new harvest.

«Black screen»

Queen of Monters: And these beasts are the right tools to sow the seeds of FEAR!.

«Change scene, Gate of Frozen Tower, Karok present»

Karok: You pathetic, sniveling, stargazer. There is no stone, no fortress, no… HERO… you can hide behind.
Karok: There is no place on this world I cannot find you, take you, and CRUSH you!
Karok: Centuries ago, my brother attempted to destroy this world and failed. Tried again. Failed again.
Karok: That is when I knew that there was only one option left -
Karok: Mere destruction was not enough for a place like this, creatures like you.

Lorentz: <Hero> is going to RIP YOU APART! He helped build this thing, and he'll take it down!
Lorentz: He has slain THOUSANDS of beasts stronger than you, uglier than you, and more terrifying!
Lorentz: Right now, he's away with my Master, planning on how to send you back and destroy this gate!

Karok: Your… *sneer* Hero… may have overcome Kezeroth, but now *I* am here.
Karok: *I* have the ability, and the army, to show you what you REALLY are -
Karok: Insignificant…
Karok: Unimportant…….

«Karok strikes through his scythe»


«Scene fades»

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