Fear Cutscene 2


«Scene: the Hero strikes at FEAR, knocking Ayi down from its ribcage. She lands on Twilly.»

FEAR: It's easy for a truly fearless hero to overcome FEAR,
FEAR: … but I'm not going anywhere.

«Ayi gets up»

Ayi: No, you're not.
Ayi: Most people NEED fear.
Ayi: Overcoming their fears… that gives people hope and strength.
Ayi: Anyone can overcome you.
Ayi: They just need the courage to stand up to you.

Hero: Go back to wherever you came from.
Hero: We all know there's nothing to fear…
Hero: … even fear itself.

«FEAR dissolves into darkness»

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Hero, Twilly, and Ayi in Battleon Town»

Ayi: I can't believe it.
Ayi: You defeated FEAR!

Twilly: Does that mean nobody will ever be afraid again?

Hero: No, Twilly. Fear is a part of life.
Hero: But we're ready for it now.

Twilly: Knowing what to expect makes me feel less afraid.
Twilly: Maybe I'm on my way to becoming fearless like you, hero!

Ayi: HA ah ah ha! Thank you both so much for your help.

Hero: Still have time for that bonus set, Fear Chaser?

Ayi: Of course!

«Ayi performs onstage»

«She waves at the Hero and Twilly to come up»

«The Hero and Twilly join her dancing onstage»

«Scene fades»

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