Fear Cutscene 1


«Scene: Twilly, Hero and Ayi»

Ayi: Finally, all three defeated!

Twilly: The world is safe from clown pants!

Ayi: Hero, I really couldn't have done this without you.
Ayi: Even the Fear Chaser is not truly fearless. You are one of a kind.

Hero: I guess when you've seen the things I've seen, you grow immune to fear.

Twilly: The sun hasn't even set yet.

Ayi: Hey! I still have for another set in Battleon if we hurry.
Ayi: Come on, let's…

«The screen flashes red, and the three are transported to a location filled with darkness»

???: I have grown tired of your interference, Ayi.

«The scene zooms out, showing a monstrosity towering over the three»

Hero: Ayi, what is that thing?!

Ayi: It's… I think, it's FEAR.

FEAR: Heh heh heh heh heh, quite right.
FEAR: But of course, you know me, darling Fear Chaser.
FEAR: Twilly knows me too, don't you?
FEAR: But you…
FEAR: You do not know me.

Hero: You're just another monster with dreams of ruling the world.

FEAR: No, little thing. I already rule the world. I rule all worlds.
FEAR: From the first moment the first creature appeared, it was afraid.
FEAR: Afraid of the unknown, afraid of starving… afraid of dying.
FEAR: Life IS fear. Fear can swallow even the bravest heroes.

«FEAR grabs Ayi and places her inside its ribcage»

Hero: Ayi! NO!

FEAR: Even the mighty Fear Chaser knows she can never truly destroy me.

Hero: Maybe not, but fear CAN be defeated.

«The Hero runs towards FEAR»

«Scene fades»

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