Fayt Ascylla (NPC)

No Class Hero
Oh, good! You're here. You're in luck today! I feel in tip-top fighting form!

To rectify previous errors in judgement, EbilCorp donated 100K units of SDF exoskeletons to the elderly. This newfangled technology shielded them from blunt-force injury and produced stem cells that replaced dead tissue, and exponentially increased life expectancy; before long everyone owned this amazing perquisite. However, hidden under this benevolent act of kindness, the automaton was programmed to mimic the hosts'

actions and will eventually attack the users' brain to give EbilCorp absolute control over the individual. Very soon, most of the population was unwillingly dominated. Luckily, magical energy around the mystical world of Lore interfered with the EbilCorp radio signals, which slowed down the rate of conversion. Esoteric coteries noticed this phenomenon quietly generated a virus to counteract the EbilCorp program;

I was leader of the insurgent party. I equipped a reconditioned exoskeleton and battled the President of EbilCorp to release control over citizens. Combining forces with the heroes of Lore, the President finally was subdued at the end and sentenced for the crime. I was awarded the Sword of Hope and the Sun Salutation cape as a symbol for another ephemeral age of tranquility.

Unluckily, I sustained heavy injuries from the battles, but most of the wounds were healed by the exoskeleton. However, this posed a problem… because I realized I'd merged with it. On occasions, the exoskeleton has taken over my body and become a terrorizing force known as Ascylla. But don't let that worry you. I feel in complete control today.

Location: Hero Lobby


Thanks to Amduscia.

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