Fate of the Unworthy


«Scene: Hero and Lae on Screen 6»

Lae: Hello again, Glorybringer. Do you see the full picture now?

Hero: Glorybringer is the title the people of this town used to call the Hollowborn.
Hero: Over time, their real names faded and their history became fables.
Hero: If I'm understanding right…

«Scene: A little girl, Alvi, sitting in middle of armies of monsters»

Hero: That girl, Alvi, saved the other children by luring the invading monsters out of town.
Hero: But couldn't outrun them.

«Monsters running towards Alvi»
«Scene fades»

Hero: The town's guards were too late.

«Scene: Villagers standing around Alvi, who is lying in bed»

Hero: On the brink of death, she was visited by the being they called 'The Liberator.'

Lae: From the shadows, they answered her call for help.

«Shadow-y figure appears before Alvi»

Lae: A promise to give her body the strength to rival an army and another chance at walking in the light.
Lae: That and more was offered to little Alvi.
Lae: The child, like the warriors who came before her, accepted the offer.
Lae: She underwent the test.

«Shadow-y figure grew the size of the house»
«Scene fades»

Hero: Then, this Liberator possessed her body.
Hero: If her will to live was strong enough, she would have become a Glorybringer.
Hero: A Hollowborn.

Lae: But she failed.

«Scene: Hero and Lae standing on Screen 6 of Trygve»

Lae: What a waste.

Hero: Then is it true?
Hero: Her soul was erased, and her consciousness was assimilated into the 'Lberator?'

Lae: Can't win them all.
Lae: I'm sure her people are happy her soul is with their deity, and not rotting in the Underworld.

Hero: Is that all you have to say?

Lae: What? Are you mad at me?
Lae: If someone has to catch flack, then I'll be happy to take it.
Lae: Most candidates get assimilated. They're on Death's door, confused and terrified.
Lae: The experience is more harrowing than what actually killed them.
Lae: I went through it myself.
Lae: It takes someone special to join our ranks.
Lae: You have to understand that not everyone has what it takes to step up.

Hero: What you're saying is that a kid, not even tall enough to climb a chair on her own—
Hero: Who was willing to die alone in the dark to save the other children--
Hero: --is just a nobody. They didn't deserve to live.

Lae: Come on. I didn't say that.

Hero: You don't have to. The attitude says it all.
Hero: It's funny actually. The names of the Hollowborn in this shrine are forgotten.
Hero: But the town and their descendants promised to keep Alvi's name alive until the end of all days.
Hero: …Why are you still smiling?

Lae: Contrary to most, I like arguing.
Lae: The rest of the world falls quiet.
Lae: We're solely focused on each other's impassioned words.
Lae: Being questioned isn't a bad thing. Especially because you feel so strongly about it.
Lae: And your perspective is intriguing. Seems like I have new ideas to think about.

???: Glorybringers!

«Close up on Waelc»

Waelc: We must go to arms. The Vindicators are mobilizing.
Waelc: They're heading towards the graves!

«Lae takes a battle stance»

Lae: They finally make their move, and it has to be now?

Hero: If you're going to stick around fine, but I'm heading out.

«Scene fades»

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