Fate of the Frozen Flame


«Scene: The Hero is holding the Frozen Flame relic over the edge of the Erupting Volcano. Amia is pleading with the Hero not to throw the relic over the edge into the lava.»

Amia: You…cannot…destroy the Frozen Flame…

Hero: The volcano is about to erupt! it will destroy EVAMATHING! …um, I mean, EVERTHING!

«Screen is centered on Amia's face»

Amia: No… you… you don't understand <Hero>…

«Hero throws the Frozen Flame into the lava. Amia's mouth opens in horror.»

Amia: NOOOO!

«Screen fade»

«Scene: Screen shakes and shows the lava in the volcano boiling»

«Screen fade»

«Scene: The Volcano is about to erupt, and as it erupted, the eruption turned into ice, covering the whole island in snow and ice»

«Scene: Hero and Amia are now inside the Icy Volcano talking»

Hero: See! Told you it would work.
Hero: I'm kinda a professional when it comes to strange things like this.

Amia: …Dage hath no fury like the woman Scorn…

Hero: What was that?


«The Hero helps Amia to her feet»

Hero: Okay… Come on now, let's get you healed.

«Under the ice, a red object glows. The Ice appears to break and a red, glowing orb breaks free and flies off.»

Note: A certain chanting can be heard if sound is on while the orb is on screen saying "Dage hath no fury like the woman Scorn"

«Screen fade»

«Scene: The red orb floats all the way to the Underworld and finally stops in front of Dage at his Soul Forge»

???: …I am free…
???: …I have found you once again…
???: Dage hath no fury like the woman Scorn!

«The Red orb seems expands into a fiery explosion»

«Screen fade»

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