Farmer Zeek


Local Farmer
Wall, it's about durn time ya got out of here, Hero. Cain't ya see them zombehs and Chaorrupted beasties are eating mah crops?! D'ya want me'n mah young'ns to starve? We cain't battle them zombehs on our own, y'know! Get in there and do thet Heroing!

I was alw'ys afeared of havin' a village full of zombehs f'r neighbors. But for the most part, they attack people far away fr'm here. Plus, thieves tend to shy away from these parts thanks to the zombehs. But now… Cain't keep mah fambly here if they're gon' be Chaorrupted!

- Farmer Zeek's Quests
- Feast Event Hub

Location: Artix's Home


Thanks to Peachii.

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