Farmer Northrup

Why hello there! Is there something we can help you with? Oh, Elder Calafalas Calafas? You can find her in the Church at this time of day.

After completing Farmer Westin's Quest:

Thank goodness you’re here! Whatever has been attacking our town… I think it’s in my attic! Listen, can’t you hear them scuttling around up there? You’re the hero, why don’t you go up there and take care of it for me?

- Farmer Northrup's Quest

After completing Farmer Northrup's Quest:

Whoops, I guess it was only the spiders that I heard… what a silly mistake! Whatever creature is attacking our town at night is much bigger, with big sharp teeth and claws. Last week I found one of my cattle torn to shreds, and what was left was covered with huge teeth and claw marks.

More Info
What are you still standing around here for? I’ve told you all I know! Now go find the horrible creatures that are terrorizing our town!

- Farmer Northrup's Quest

Location: Willow Creek
Note: Also see Hanging Man.

Thanks to cornfield10 and Flitterifie.

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