Farmer Eastman

Hello, can I help you? Warlic has sent you to help? Oh that is VERY good news. You can find Elder Calafalas Calafas in the Church down the road. Please hurry…

After completing Farmer Southwick's Quest:

So, you’re here to investigate the attacks on our town. We’re happy to help you out… but first, how about giving us a hand? There are ..some giant snails out back wrecking the garden,… and you look like just the person to get rid of them. If you can, I’ll be glad to tell you everything I know about what’s happening around here…

- Farmer Eastman's Quest

After completing Farmer Eastman's Quest:

Thanks for clearing out those snails; our garden will be so much safer now. I just wish I could say the same for our town; I've already lost several sheep and chickens to those infernal creatures.

More Info
I wish I could tell you more; all I know is that they only seem to come out at night. I suspect they hide out in the mountain caves during the day. You should tell Elder Calafalas Calafas about those caves.

- Farmer Eastman's Quest

Location: Willow Creek
Note: Previously called "Farmer Eastman & Wife".


Thanks to cornfield10 and Flitterifie.

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