Far from Home


«Time Library»

«Screen fade»

Golem Warlic: You are here. Good. Time flies, and there is no humor in saying so. HE is almost here, and we have so much ground and many millenia to cover.
Golem Warlic: I warn you. What you are about to see is real. Is NOW. And so -
Golem Warlic: In the beginning… there was Lore.

Golem Warlic: The planet you live on… is Lore. This planet is as well. But not the one you know.
Golem Warlic: You are looking at Lore in a universe filled with mecha, space travel, and galaxy-destroyers. It existed 5,000 years ago, and still does.
Golem Warlic: The real Warlic - the man I emulate - was there. And the other-you, the other one that came before, you were there, too.

Golem Warlic: This is also Lore, but much closer in time to where we live today.
Golem Warlic: Here there be dragons, elements battling for supremacy, and the world at risk.
Golem Warlic: Warlic was here, too, as was another-you.

Golem Warlic: This is a future Lore… and a present one. Everything you've seen is a part of the world. And you.
Golem Warlic: I understand how that could confuse you, but that is what I am here to expl -

«Giant mecha foot stomp»

Golem Warlic: We are out of time. My Master approaches, and you have not yet begun to learn what you must.
Golem Warlic: One understands best what you experience. I have a list of tasks to set you which he believes will properly prime your mind.
Golem Warlic: The Library has much for you to investigate - touch, question, listen.

«Green beam shoots by»

Golem Warlic: The battle for your knowledge will fill these halls with the warcries of Destiny.

Hero: I don't foresee much silence in THIS library.

«Screen fades»

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