Falling for Tricks


«Scene: The Hero finally found a way to get out after Sally had trapped the Hero»

Hero: A way out! Whew, I only need to get up one level. Hopefully this is the way up.

«Scene: The Hero desperately runs and notices he had stepped on a cliff»

«Scene: The Hero fell»

Sally: *giggles* How's it going down there? Did the green fog zombify you yet?

Hero: No.

Sally: Are you sure? Any hunger for brains?

Hero: No.

Sally: Awww… don't worry. Just stay calm and keep taking DEEP BREATHS…. Okie dokie?


Hero (thinking): I need to find way back up there to stop her before she completes Chaos VORDRED.
Hero (thinking): … and before this green mist zombifies me.

«Scene fades»

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