«Scene: Akio with his sword ready»

Akio: Ha! Did you think you could defeat me?

«Akio faces off against the Nether Warlock»

Akio: Hyeeeeah!

«The Nether Warlock attacks Akio with green flames»

«Scene: Uncle looks on in horror»

Uncle: Akio!

«Scene fades»

«Scene: Mahou holding Akio's body»

Grandmother Hasu: He tried so hard not to let it destroy him.
Grandmother Hasu: But in the end, it's what happens to us all.

«Mahou's spirit orb appears next to the Hero and forms into Mahou»

Grandmother Hasu: His entire life, he never knew peace.
Grandmother Hasu: When we took him in, I hoped we could give him something better.

«Scene: Hero and Mahou looking at a battlefield littered with skeletons»

Mahou: During the war with Jaaku, I lost my wife, too.
Mahou: I found myself wondering if it would ever end..
Mahou: …this constant violence and loss.
Mahou: It made me lose a part of myself, I think.
Mahou: Or maybe it created something that was never meant to be there.

Grandmother Hasu: It may not be too late to excise his grief and anger, <Hero>.
Grandmother Hasu: But he will need your help.

«Scene fades»

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