Fall of Rolith


  • Doom Haven - Automatically plays when entering Screen 19

«Scene: Hero runs back to the camp»

Hero: This is really bad. I have never seen us lose ground in a war before…

Sir Prize: The zombies broke through our lines! We are being overrun!

Sir Kull: We are surrounded!

Sir Render: OMG! Zombies everywhere…. Fall back! Fall back!

Sir Vent: <Hero>, Artix told me to deliver this message to you.

«Artix's letter scrolls by the screen»

This is a grave situation. By slaying DEATH itself, Sepulchure has started a zombie apocalypse. The castle of Swordhaven has been overrun. The zombie plague spreads fast. Our first priority is to protect all of the people from becoming zombies. I am setting up our command center in the town of BattleZom… whoops, that was a typo. Oh well, "BattleZom" fits, we might as well call the town that for now. Bring Rolith and escort any survivors here. Do not give up hope, my friend. We will find a way to win.
Battle on!

Hero: I do not think we have ever lost a war before…
Hero: Protecting the survivors is definitely top priority!
Hero: Finding Rolith should be easy enough. He is right over… OH MY —

«Zombie Rolith rises in a cloud of green smoke»

Zombie Rolith: RAAAAAAWWWWWRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

«Scene fades»

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