Falgar's Quests

Quest Location: Gluttony (Location)
Quests Begun From: Falgar
Requirements Must have completed the 'How'd HE get here?' quest.

Requirements: Must have completed previous quest.

I can't see, but I know it's dark down here. It will be much easier for you to help me if you light it up a bit. And I know a secret - the worms in this dragon's glow when they feel threatened! So, that you do is attack a bunch of the worms, and then jam them into the crevices in the, ah… "walls". They'll be your torches. (once per login session)

Items Required:

  • Agitated Bowel Worm x10
  • "Torches" Lit x10
    • Click on the blue arrows around the map


  • 1,000 Gold
  • 500 Exp

Thanks to Shiminuki.

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