Lost Dragonslayer
It's true, I am one of the many Dragonslayers who went after the dragon, Glutus, hoping to end his gluttonous slaughter once and for all. Sadly, I too was eaten - as we all have been. And thus, my brilliant plan to defeat him became yet another failure.

Brilliant Plan?
Yes, I'd come up with an idea that was sure to work! Glutus is able to slay everyone who goes after him because of how huge he is - with the way he's jammed in the cave like that, we can only attack him from the front, and the front is where the fire comes out. So how do we solve that problem? We put him on a diet!

A Diet?
Yes! I brought with me a chest, filled with dragon-sized laxatives. Once we get rid of all that bloat, it'll bring him down much closer to our level. He'll still be big, but at least we'll be able to get behind him and flank him while someone else takes the heat.

- Falgar's Quests

Location: Gluttony (Location)


Thanks to Shiminuki.

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