Fajra Drekinn

DragonSlayer Corporal
When Galanoth sent word that a massive army of Fire Dragons was headed towards Embersea, I was eager to battle. When I heard that they were being led by Gravelyn - the SheBeast of the SHADOWSCYTHE - I almost frenzied. Her father KILLED my grand-da. And now he's back. As a DRAGON. There's no way I'm letting THIS go. Vengeance will be mine. The dragons, the Shadowscythe… SEPULCHURE must DIE. Again.

Heh. Ok, that might have come on a little too strong. But whenever I think about fighting dragons, I lose myself a bit. And I miss getting to know my grand-da. He was a masterful dragonslayer. Everyone said so. I don't know how she managed to capture Akriloth to use as a host for Sepulchure, and it doesn't matter. All I know is - my blade's new sheath will be HIS heart!

- DragonSpire
- Shadowstrike
- Dragonspire Merge

Location: Shadowflame


Thanks to Rich Wind.

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