Faith's Quests

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Quest Location: Greenguard (West)
Quests Begun From: Faith

Note: This quest can only be done once.

If ya want me to show ya the best fishing hole in all Green Guard,then you're gonna have to give me a hand first. I can't find my favorite fishin' pole. The strangest thing is, there was a trail of slime leaving my fishin' spot! If you can find ma pole, I'll teach ya hot a how ta pro fishes in these parts.

Items Required:



Thanks to Black kombat.


Quest Locations:

Quests Begun From: Faith

Requirements: Must be at least level 5.

If you're going to train beasts, first you'll have to TRAP them! Bring me 5 chaos beast crates from Sneevils and 3 fish scales from the Fishwings in

Items Required


Thanks to Apus.

Quest Location: Northpointe City
Quests Begun From: Faith

Northpointe pets have a very hearty palate. They enjoy a wide variety of fodder from gristle to boneshards and even soft rock hunks. You look like you've got what it takes to help me feed them… I bet you will have no problem bringing back 3 Chimera Tongues and 2 Stalker Spleens!

Items Required


Thanks to Tristyn.

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