BeastMaster Class Trainer
Welcome to Battleon, Hero! My name is Faith, and I've got a monstrous task ahead of me - training up a new army of BeastMasters to battle alongside pets and creatures of all types as we prepare to go after the Queen of Monsters. I need Lore's most Legendary Heroes to help…. are you ready to accept my challenge?

How to Hunt
How to Unlock BeastMaster Class
Upgrade your account - BeastMaster Class can only be trained or purchased by Legends!

Rank up your BeastMaster reputation using the 6 level-locked quests. Level up to access quests that give better BeastMaster rewards. You can also unlock the BeastMaster Daily Quest for TONS of extra rep to help you rank up even faster!

OR buy the Class right away for 2000 AdventureCoins!

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- Faith's Quests legendsmall.png
- Ways to Unlock
- BeastMaster AC Shop legendsmall.png
- BeastMaster Class legendsmall.png
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Thanks to Apus, GustavoKnach, Matheew, Tristyn and Zero IX.

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