BeastMaster, HeroMart Lead
Welcome to HeroMart, Hero! This is the in-game version of the official, real-life item shop of Artix Entertainment! Not only do we create your favorite web games at the Secret Underground Lab, but we also pack the boxes and ship to you straight from the Secret Underground Lab! Want to see what we've got so far?

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Artix Attacks T-Shirt
What Paladins wear under their armor.
Victory is in your reach! Grab your massive battleaxe and heed the call of battle, hero! When you /equip this Cloth Chest piece in real life, you shall embrace the powers of the Paladin AND receive the Undead Attack Daimyo Pet. (Only available from HeroMart!)

DragonFable T-Shirts
Fullfill your destiny… and your wardrobe!
The pride of all Dragon Lords is displayed with the legendary Dragon Amulet and the Distressed Dragon Shirt! DragonLords and Dragon Masters battle through legendary quests with their dragon compansionsand look KILLER in the DragonFable T-Shirts! When you /equip these shirts in real life, you will unlock a whole host of dragon-themed gear!

Chaos Eye T-Shirt
Chaorruption never looked cooler!
The common cold? Swine flu? Pffft, try warding off the infectious powers of CHAOS! When /equipping the Chaos Eye T-Shirt in real life, side effects may include: the sudden appearance of tentacles, mutated eyeballs forming on your body, and the uncontrollable urge to cause mayhem wherever you go. If you can control the Chaos, then you will be greatly awarded in-game with the Chaos Sentry cape and its quest for two exclusive items!

Shadowscythe T-Shirt
Fashion meets Darkness and Destruction
Strike fear into the hearts of heroes across the multiverse! The highly acticipated (and feared) ShadowScythe T-Shirt has returned, infusing those who wear it with a lifetime of unsurpassed power. This is the only way to get your own Shadowscythe pet with a quest for two exclusive Shadowscythe-themed items!

Cysero Bacon T-Shirt
Pleased to meat you!
Bacon: all the fun of candy in delicious pan-fried meaty goodness! Everyone knows that Bacon is the most magical meat in the world, and when you combine that with Cysero's wacky magic, you get the flying bacon carpet—on your shirt AND in-game!

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