«Scene: The Hero holds out a glass of wine to the Scriptkeeper»

Hero: Hi there!

Scriptkeeper: Uh… hi.

Hero: I'm sorry about before. I've brought you a nice glass of Faewine to make up for it.

Scriptkeeper: Oh. Thanks, I guess.

Hero: Aren't you going to drink it?

Scriptkeeper: Yeah, sure, at some point. Why the rush?
Scriptkeeper: You're not TRYING something again, are you?

«Hero laughs»

Hero: Noooo! Why would you think that?

«Scene: Close up of the Scriptkeeper holding the glass of wine»

Scriptkeeper: Ugh, I knew it! This smells like sprite glamour!

Hero: Oops.

Scriptkeeper: Alright, you just ran out of chances. It's time for you to go.

«Scene fades»

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