Fae (NPC) (1)

The Shapeshifter
Hiya! Welcome to the Fable Forest, home to the 4 elements: Water, Fire, Nature, and Wind. My primal instincts have drawn me here, and I just KNOW the secret to my Shapeshifting powers lie within. Will you help me uncover the mysterious past?

Every time I sneeze, I change forms. I thought it was cool at first… but now it's totally annoying! I cannot control when I change, or what I change into. Sometimes I can change into a Fire Elemental… or a Water Elemental… or… hmmmm… now that's a thought… I wonder….

Tell ME!!
I might be able to help you in battle if I change into an Element that's strong against the elemental beast you're fighting. If you're fighting Fire Elementals, and I change into a Water Elemental, you should do an Attack Damage increase!

Yes, really! But… If you're fighting Water Elementals, and I sneeze and change into a Fire Elemental, then you will do less Attack Damage. Same thing with Nature and Wind: Wind Element is strong against Nature Elementals will do less damage against Wind Elements.

If I change into an element that's neither strong nor weak against the Elementals you're fighting, you'll do Normal attack damage. So like, if I turn into a Fire Elemental, and you're fighting Wind or Nature Elementals, you'll do normal damage.

Elemental Wheel
Take a look here. Moving clockwise, the Elements are STRONG against the next, so Fire beats Ice, Ice beats Wind, Wind beats Nature, etc.

If you move counterclockwise, Elements are WEAK against the previous, so Fire is weak to Water, Water is weak against Energy, Energy is weak against nature, etc.

In the Fable Forest, only 4 elements are present: Fire, Wind, Nature, and Water. Water is strong against Fire, and Wind is strong against Nature. So that means Fire is weak against Water and Nature is weak against Wind. Remember that!

- Fae's Quests

After completing the 'Mystery Tree' quest:

The Shapeshifter
The Forest Guardian is in here somewhere—I can feel his presence! Accept my quest and let's get some answers!

- Fae's Quests

After completing the 'Guidance of the Guardian' quest:

The Shapeshifter
Wowie! It's crazy how much I forgot about my past. But super thanks to you for helping me out! *hugs* I've still got lots to learn before I can teach you Shapeshifting. But I do have some AWESOME items for you because you're just that AWESOME!

- Fae's Quests
- Fae's Shop
- Fable Forest Merge

Location: Fable Forest

  • Changes form each time you accept one of her quests.
  • Also see Fae (NPC) (2).

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