Facing the Leviathanius



«Scene: Hero, King Zelgarius, Captain Rhubarb and Scalebeard standing in the broken throne room of King Zelgarius»

Hero: King Zelgarius!!!

King Zelgarius: Not a moment too soon, <Hero>. Thank you.

Captain Scalebeard: Your reign ends here, Zelgarius!
Captain Scalebeard: I used to be one of Desoloth's most effective generals! But then you and your father showed up and sealed him away!

King Zelgarius: Desoloth was destroying our people! My father sacrificed himself so that our race could survive!

Captain Scalebeard: I had things good under Desoloth's rule. He was a good friend to me! And now a debt is to be paid!
Captain Scalebeard: Me and this Titan of mine are going to take you and your friends out. Then we will pick up where Desoloth left off.

«Hero gets ready to fight»

Hero: Not if we have anything to say about it!

«Scene fades»

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